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The iPad Magician

Eduardo Braz, is not only one of the most recognized ipad Magician around today, but he is unarguably one of the most sought-after magicians in the so-called magic technology market. He boost of an impressive career spanning a 15-year period doing what he does best; magic and entertainment.
Having performed in 22 Brazilian states to date, and having successfully staged a combined performance for as many as 500 top corporations both national and multinational, companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Acer, LG, Toyota etc...
In 2011, Eduardo Braz career took flight internationally, performing his signature magical act; "Ipad Magic" at many medical events around South America.
Again, in 2012, he broke into the USA, making his debut in Orlando city at an event organized by Takeda. Not soft paddling on his feats thus far, the following year, 2013 precisely, Eduardo Braz participated in a
4-months showcase in Cirque du Soleil- São Paulo Season.
In 2014, he made his first ever appearance in Asia where he performed at Toyota booth at  Auto Expo in New Delhi - India,  where he not only dazzled guests present but did not fail to mesmerize as well with his Ipad magic tricks.
In year 2015, the IPad Magician starts to perform for the first time across European states, places like France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
Aside of his magical prowess, Eduardo Braz runs the largest magic agency in all of Brazil, known as the "League of magicians" which he founded, and is currently the president.
Eduardo Braz performs his show in four different languages i.e. English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.



This is the newest trend in the world of magic entertainment, and Eduardo Braz is championing these trend; using all technological device available today, devices such as Laptop, tablet, smart phone and also television.

More than simple applications, he goes as far he uses computer graphics, video production and especially creativity to mix powerful magic with hi-tech performance.


Tricks that were already strong, now with technology got better and most surprising with these new features.


iPad Magic for events 


Eduardo Braz is one of the most required and famous ipad magician of the world.

If you are looking for something diferent, hi-tech and impressive you are on the right place.

With iPad magic we can create amazing routine using your logo and even your product.

The show can be fully custom.

 See more...


Digital Magic for events 


When we talk about digital magician we don´t need to use iPad or iphone, but we can use any device of any brand, Android, Widows or any system you want, we can develope custom magic to promote your smartphone, 

tablet, laptop or TV of any brand. We have created digital magic for Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Intel, 

Acer, Sony, Haweii and many more. See more...


Stage digital magic for events 


If you have a stage and a big audience, we have an amazing digital show for you. Using new technologies we created a show that mix impressive magic tricks with new technologies. In this show we perform with a projection screen, led panel or Television creating a spectacular performance that will take your audience to great reactions.

See more...



You did the LG G3 launch Unforgettable”

Ceuly Magri (LG Marketing Mananger)










You are the best iPad Magician”

Juliana Bianchi  (Apple Product Mananger)










“This TV trick is the first time i saw..really amazing”

Silvio Santos (TV Presenter)

My clients wants you”

Camila Bonatti (Microsoft Trade Mananger)


PHOTOS ipad magician

The iPad Magician - Abu Dhabi
The iPad Magician - South Korea
The iPad Magician - São Paulo - BR
Eduardo Braz - Caracol TV
The iPad Magician - Goa - India
The iPad Magician -Paris event
Eduardo Braz - iPad Magician 3
Eduardo Braz - iPad magician 5
Eduardo Braz - iPad Magician 2
iPad Magician - Huawei
Eduardo Braz - Ipad Magician 1
Eduardo Braz - Augmented Magic
Eduardo Braz - TV Magic
Eduardo Braz - Digital Magician 12
For hire the iPad Magician worldwide contact:

+55  11  5061-2301

+55  11  99713-0038


We are based in São Paulo - SP - Brazil

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Hire an iPad Magician? Eduardo Braz is avaliable to perform  ipad magic in Dubai and wordwide, book now. 



Eduardo Braz performing iPad Magic

at Times Square - New York - USA


Eduardo Braz performing amazing tricks with an iPhone


Eduardo Braz launching two books

in Paris - France

The iPad Magician performing his show in  Las Vegas


The iPad Magician performing  for Toyota in Auto Expo - New Delhi - India 


Stage iPad show


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