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Virtual Magic Show for events - Eduardo

During the pandemic, we had to reinvent ourselves. The Virtual Magic Show was created to be totally amazing, magical and interactive. You will not only watch the show, but you are going to participate as well. This online magic show can be performed in English, Spanish or Portuguese. We can present the show on any platform, such as Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, YouTube, Instagram, it´s up to you to choose. We can develop a virtual magic show with your message, or even with your product! In one year we have presented this show more than 70 times for companies around the world with great success.

Vitual Magic Show for zoom.png
Virtual Magic Show 2
Virtual Magic show for zoom and corporat
Virtual Magic show for comparate events

Professional Home Studio for Virtual Magic Show

Full set of equipments for magic online
Full set of equipments for virtual magic

We have a full set of professional equipments to perform the best Virtual Magic Show.

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