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Eduardo Braz

iPad Magician

iPad Magician for Trade Shows

iPad Magician for trade shows

Nowadays companies are seeking for a differentiator for attracting attention to your booth and your products. For this purpose magic is a powerful tool to attracting people, it can promote the brand and products, perfect for all kind of trade shows.


“Stand - Up show” With presentations of 20 minutes every 20 minutes, the Ipad Magician gives a real show, attracting many customers. After each presentation, the receptionists can deliver gifts and also register people.


“Walking around ” circling the booth, The iPad Magician presents his tricks for customers that are already in place, ideal for a VIP lounge or cocktail, in order to break the ice and facilitate negotiation. As an option, we can create unique numbers using your brand or even your product, the magic will be created after the meeting, and a detailed briefing.


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Why book an iPad Magician for your trade show?

  • Most of people likes magic and most of people likes technology. Both together is amazing!

  • We can customize the iPad and the apps with your logo and also use your own product on the iPad

  • Modern attraction, everybody will notice and have fun.

  • Your booth will be full all the time

  • Does not require a stage or a big team of people, unless you wish

  • The IPad Magician Eduardo Braz speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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