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Eduardo Braz

iPad Magician

iPad Magician for corporate events

iPad Magician for corporate events

Why book an iPad Magician?

Eduardo Braz is one of the world’s top iPad Magicians.

If your corporate event needs something different, hi-tech and impressive you are in the right place.

With iPad magic, we can create amazing illusions using your logo and even your product.

The show can be fully customizable for iPad or iPhone, as you wish.

More than just simple applications, we produce very strong effects that will blow the guests mind.

We have created iPad magic for Apple for many events such as product launches, promotions and others corporate events.

Just get in contact now

  •  Most of people likes magic and most of people likes technology. Both together is amazing!

  •  We can customize the iPad and the apps with your logo and also use your own product on the iPad

  • Modern attraction, everybody will notice and have fun.

  • Does not require a stage or a big team of people, unless you wish for it.

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