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Eduardo Braz

iPad Magician

iPad Magician for events

iPad Magician for events

Eduardo Braz is one of the world’s top iPad Magicians. If your event requires something unconventional, unique, hi-tech and impressive, definitely the iPad Magician is your number one choice.With Ipad magic, we can create amazing illusions useful for promoting your company’s' products and services.We can create a show that is fully customised to cater your every desire, be it on an Iphone or Ipad platform.We do not just restrict ourselves in applying simple applications for your products, we go as far as producing very strong effects, which would definitely captivate the audience.Over the years, we have created Ipad magic for Apple for many events such as product launches, promotions and other corporate events.If in need of such, please do contact us.

Why book an iPad Magician?

By statistics, it is proven that people likes magic and are drawn to it, and also that almost everyone likes technology, then imagine the combination of both when trying to promote your products and services, Amazing right?
We can customise the Ipad and its applications with your company logo, and can incorporate your products to fit on the Ipad features, which will be appealing and noticeable to all. With these you do not require the use of a stage, or a group of big team; making the initiative a cost effective type, But we are as well capable to offer the just-mentioned, base on your needs.

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