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Eduardo Braz

Digital Magician

Digital Magician for events

Digital Magician for events

Digital magic as the name depicts is the act of creating magical illusions using modern day technological devices for advertisement and entertainment.It can be carried out using a tablet, a phone, laptops, televisions, etc.Whichever the brand or service you represent we can create brand- specific shows for your company, tailored to meet your target market, which at the end of the day would result to client satisfaction.We present you the option of a staged show, or a simple stand up performance; whichever way you want it, our ideas are good, basically having you in mind. A Digital Magician is ideal for trade shows, brand promotions and product launches.With our digital magic, we can produce effects that are appealing and will capture the attention of spectators.Over the years, we have created digital magic for notable organisations, our clientele ranges from LG, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Acer, Intel, Huawei and many more.


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